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Articles Published: June 14, 2021 By FCardoso team

Articles: Hyatt expanding Mexican footprint

In the next year or two, the company plans to open a Thompson complex in Monterrey and two hotels in Mexico City and Los Cabos belonging to its ultra-upscale brand Park Hyatt. Another Unbound Collection hotel is planned for Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, by 2025. ... Read more

Articles Published: June 14, 2021 By FCardoso team

Articles: A Haven for Chocolate and Coffee

In beverage form, Cholocate has had an important place in Mesoamerican cultures long before the arrival of the Spanish. After the colonial era began, the Spanish became enamored wit... Read more

Published: June 04, 2021 By FCardoso team

Newsletter: Sustainability, Color and Meatballs

We hope you enjoy the view from Mexico as we share our brand NEW NEWSLETTER.  ... Read more

Articles Published: May 19, 2021 By FCardoso team

Articles: Organic Inspiration-Design by Senosiain

Architect Javier Senosiain, 73, is Mexico’s leading proponent of so-called “organic architecture,” a concept popularized in the U.S. in the early 20th century by Frank Lloyd Wright, sought to place his buildings in a harmonious balance with their natural habitat. Senosiain’s work anticipated the interest in bi... Read more

Blog Published: May 06, 2021 By Fernanda Cardoso

Blog: One Good Reason to Stay

My father’s birthday is this week, so my son wanted to buy a book for him. Normally he would go to the bookstore in our neighborhood. I know that ordering books online has long been a challenge to this type of experience, but this is one that holds a traditional place in my family. I always loved lingering in bookstores, sipping coffee and browsing. The feel and smell of the paper was all... Read more

Articles Published: May 05, 2021 By FCardoso team

Articles: Crowdfunding Hospitality?

We may associate crowdfunding with independent projects in the arts and music industry, and in campaigns for social causes. Production companies, artists and non-profits use this type of platform to raise money for their sometimes hard to underwrite projects.  But actually the biggest winner ... Read more

Articles Published: May 04, 2021 By FCardoso team

Articles: Logistical issues, Sustainability and Swedish Meatballs

IKEA opened its first every location in Mexico which had its challenges, and its perks! The store includes 570 solar panels, a rainwater collection system and all LED light systems and has obtained the LEED Gold certification.  The first store opening for a brand is always a big undertaking but they did it while navigating COVID.  ... Read more

Articles Published: May 03, 2021 By FCardoso team

Articles: Reaching the Mexican Shopper

Mexico's online shopping is growing during the pandemic.  Retailers will need to step up the CX game if they intend to compete. The Mexican shopper is extremely loyal so brands have an opportunity to capture and keep the growing middle class shopper if they learn their habits and preferences.  According to Santander Trade, price quality and practicality are still the drivers of th... Read more

Blog Published: March 09, 2021 By Fernanda Cardoso

Blog: Life returns to Polanco

A month ago, I shared my impressions of the high street of Mexico City retail, Masaryk.  I was dismayed to see that during the mandated shut down due to Covid, retailers just boarded up, with a few exceptions, without concern for the effect on the community. Now, after months of being locked up, to the voice of "open or die", the restaurants, boutiques and stores managed to obtai... Read more

Blog Published: January 27, 2021 By Fernanda Cardoso

Blog: Retailers, remember, you are more than just a place to shop, you are part of our communities.

A mile of luxury with the most exclusive brands and restaurants in Mexico City, Masaryk could be compared to Fifth Avenue, Rodeo Drive or Michigan Avenue. It is one of the most notable shopping districts in Mexico City and is known around the world. Between 2015 and 2017 we spent almost 500 million pesos remodeling the street to create a better place to shop, window shop and walk, sur... Read more