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Time for passion

Published December 13, 2021 By Andrea Gil

I began dancing when I was very young, and haven’t stopped since. Not only is it my outlet, but it is also a way to express myself.  

As years go by, the activities you used to do as a kid are sometimes left behind. Some people turn them into a career, but others stop doing them because they “have no time.” 

When I became an undergraduate student, I stopped dancing. It was just a hobby, right? I joined a gym in order to keep exercising, but realized after six months that I did not enjoy it. If I had time to go to the gym, why didn’t I have time to dance? What if ballet was not just my hobby, but my passion?  

Along with this realization, I decided to change my college major. I realized I was extremely happy studying Graphic Design, as it was a great way to express and develop my creativity.

Destiny always has a way of surprising us. At the same time I switched majors and went back to dancing, I was offered a job as a ballet teacher. But how was I going to do it, if I was not a teacher? As it turns out, I love learning and teaching. I was the kind of student that questioned everything and enjoyed the learning process—which I still do. I decided to embark on an adventure and took the job. Of course, it was difficult at first, but with the help of my mentors and numerous certifications and seminars, I was able to do it. Six years later, I am still a ballet teacher and a graphic designer. 

Martha Graham, considered to be the mother of modern dance, once said that “dance is the hidden language of the soul”—and I truly believe it. On the other hand, Saul Bass, a renowned graphic designer said “design is thinking made visual.” That is how I tell my story; through dance and design.

But, how do I combine both things? Where do I get the time? The truth is, it can be exhausting trying to do everything, but I do it because it makes me happy.

Pursuing a passion not only feels great, but it also benefits our mental health. There are people who do yoga or meditate in order to relax, while others prefer kickboxing to blow off steam.

Also, let’s not forget that the pandemic brought a sedentary lifestyle. We used to move around, commute every day to work, and even get annoyed at traffic. But, what has that turned into? Endless hours of sitting in front of a screen. Our bodies yearn for movement, and our minds seek an escape.  

The important thing is to give yourself the time to do what you love. Whether it is a few minutes each day, or at least a moment during the week. Yes, we are all busy and “have no time” but, what if we make the time?