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We create human-centric spaces embracing all aspects of architecture and design including interior, exterior, landscaping, lighting and experiential. Recognizing the importance of the ultimate use of the space, drives the creation of places where people work, live, eat, and play. Focusing on the customer experience elevates the importance of color, materials, scents, sounds, art elements and ergonomics with the ultimate goal of creating beautiful, comfortable, healthy, sustainable spaces. See our projects



Acting as the General Contractor we make sure that the entire crew of contractors and sub-contractors produce and complete quality work on time and on budget, every time. See our projects


Brand Certification

Working with global brands to assure the translation of their brand to Mexico’s local culture, without sacrificing their identity, is one of the hallmarks of FCardoso’s abilities. This includes using materials, in-store communication, fixture and furniture design, and more, that recognize the crossroad between the brand and local adaptation. When you bring your brand to Mexico you can trust the FCardoso team to certify every material, every fixture, every detail of your build-out. Whether you are utilizing any of our other services or not, we can be the “eyes on your brand” where needed. See our projects


Project Management

Listening to the needs and aspirations of each job, analyzing the goals and objectives, defining priorities and scope, and providing performance monitoring are part of our turnkey services. We can take you from concept through completion or assist with any piece of your project as needed. We can be both your “boots on the ground and eyes on your brand”. See our projects


Fixture Design and Development

Whether we are taking an existing design and translating it to the use of local materials and manufacturing processes, or using our intimate knowledge of your brand to create first-time fixtures, we make sure that we find the highest quality materials to create these important elements for your space. A focus on value engineering allows us to scout a variety of options for manufacturing in order to optimize resources, improve output and costs, without sacrificing quality, look and feel. Once ready for installation, we handle this stage with highly experienced and efficient staff, and follow through to care for the fixture maintenance needed to keep your spaces looking fresh. See our projects


Visual Merchandising

Window-dressing, mannequins, visual décor, and merchandising help round out the brand experience within a retail space. We assist in the development, manufacturing, and implementation of these elements. See our projects


Graphic Design Branding

In addition to designing graphics for use within built environments our team creates concepts, compelling identity development, and visual communications that convey the overall brand’s identity. With a focus on the consumer’s connection to the brand, we help create and sustain that identity through all elements of space and communication including logos, colors, messaging, and consistency of look and feel. See our projects



FCardoso is available to partner as a manufacturers representative or distributor if you are interested in bringing your products to Mexico and Latin America. With decades of experience building relationships within the retail and hospitality industry we can leverage our contacts to help build your success.

For information about partnering with FCardoso please reach out to hola@fcardoso.mx