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The marriage of the physical place and the brand story is behind each space our team brings to life.


Decades of combined experience in creating inviting, functional spaces.


The consideration of the end user as a human being drives every decision.

When opening in Mexico...

We are your boots on the ground
and eyes on your brand

FCardoso is dedicated to delivering impeccable services in the areas of architecture, design, construction, manufacturing and more, for all types of commercial spaces. We are specifically known for our ability to work with international brands expanding to the Mexican market because of our strength in brand certification, value engineering, and project management. This is where our mantra, “Boots on the Ground and Eyes on your brand”, was born.

Decades of combined experience in creating inviting, functional spaces for companies from around the globe, gives clients, whether local to Mexico, or headquartered anywhere in the world, the confidence to know that we pay attention to every detail. From concept through completion, from renderings through manufacturing, from design through build, we take great care to ensure every aspect of your project is true to your exact brand specifications.

Equally important, is our focus on the humanistic side of all we do. We bring care, concern and love to each project, working with respect for our team members, our clients, and the ultimate customer. That final customer, whether it is the shopper, the worker, the visitor or whoever uses the final space, is the most important aspect we consider when creating an environment. Our ability to bring together the perfect team for each individual job creates the strength and strategy behind our process.

We welcome the opportunity to meet you and work with you in order to make your project a reality.

Get to know our team

CEO & Founder

Fernanda Cardoso

Maria “Fernanda” Cardoso has been helping brands and retailers from all over the world open and thrive successfully in Mexico and Latin American for nearly two decades.


When Fernanda is not telling brand stories, she is busy reading, writing, drawing, and sharing adventures with her two sons. Read more

Director of Architecture and Interior Design

Isabel Esteve

Isabel brings a diverse and deep level of experience designing for both commercial and residential spaces. With degrees in both architecture and production design she is able to marry…


Isabel thrives on travel and taking time to observe the world around her. When she is not immersed in the world of design she can be found in search of the perfect cup of coffee. Read more

CFO and Investment Officer

Jaime Roman Cardoso

Jaime holds multiple degrees from Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO), Harvard University and Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM).


When not crunching numbers Jaime enjoys extreme sports, traveling and exploring the world. Read more

Information and Technology Officer

Fernando Román Cardoso

Fernando’s goal is to use technology within the company to improve both our processes and the work/life balance of our team.


Fernando enjoys karting, skateboarding and sharing good food, drinks and time with family and friends. Read more

Administrative & Account Manager

Graciela Calzado

Graciela handles administration and account management and basically keeps all the details of all we do, in order.


Graciela is a lover of historical fiction, photography and music. Read more


«Fernanda is an amazing, hardworking, creative, ethical and kind architect that makes your hardest day at work an interesting one. A jewel, a true driver of any project she commits to.»
—— Patricia Marques
General Manager at Viet Idea Food & Beverages Company Limited

«This was an incredible achievement given that from completion of store design to store opening we had less than one year to construct the store.»
—— David Pilnick
President of Pilnick Associates LLC